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IBM Blockchain foundation developer

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This course expands on the concepts covered in the course Blockchain essentials. You’ll get a more detailed picture of the components and structures of blockchain business networks, such as ledgers, smart contracts, consensus, certificate authorities, security, roles, transaction processes, participants, and fabrics.

Blockchain essentials

Course Overview

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Blockchain is an emerging technology that can radically improve banking, supply chain, and other transaction networks and can create new opportunities for innovation.Businesses contain many examples of networks of individuals and organizations that collaborate to create value and wealth. These networks work together in markets

Microsoft Blockchain as a Service

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Are you interested in blockchain technology? Want help getting started? The applications and solutions that can be created with this technology provide some unique and very valuable features which highlight the future of building secure applications that enable data-sharing in a way never before imagined. And Microsoft has been hard at work

Co-working environmentmore_vert

Co-working environment

Spinn Labs provides work space for individuals & small teams who have not yet grown into their own office space. The lab has been designed to foster collaboration & creativity. Individuals & teams can secure individual workstations on a monthly basis, & make use of the rest of the facilities such as conference rooms, collaboration spaces, & others on a first come first serve basis. Additionally, by working within Spinn Labs space individuals have the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurial individuals in the community. Spinn Labs hosts a number of events on a regular basis to encourage learning & collaboration including Hackathons, Workshops & Meetups. Co-working in Spinn Labs gives participants a front row seat to all of these events & much more.

Academia and Industry more_vert

Academia and Industry

Spinn Labs is aligned with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan & has linkages with universities all across Pakistan through the Spinn Ambassador Program. Spinn Labs hosts virtual hackathons & other events in conjunction with the universities to foster practical learning. The goal of the lab is to assist students in applying their knowledge to real world problems, while interacting with professional innovators who can guide & mentor them.

R & D Labmore_vert

R&D Lab

Member of the technical community that want to try out the latest Cloud, Cognitive & IoT technology can get access to a variety of cutting edge tools & technologies. They can also get in touch with the experts in these fields & the professionals who know how to apply these tools & technologies through Spinn Labs. In many cases entrepreneurs can begin to investigate the technologies that can make their idea a reality with little or no cost through Spinn Labs.

Incubation Centermore_vert

Incubation Center

In addition to technical assistance & an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded peers in the Spinn Labs, entrepreneurs can also access a number of services that can help a startup launch. Startups that are seeking guidance with product development &/or other business services like accounting, HR, marketing etc. can access these services through Spinn Labs. Everything you need to get a new company off the ground is available on as-needed basis.

Innovation Ambassador

SPINNLABS Innovation Ambassador is a person who provides opportunity for other fellow students to develop valuable real-world professional skills and an experiential learning experience. He/She facilitates the connection between SPS and dynamic students following SPS mission of driving innovation and entrepreneurship culture in the society. Innovation Ambassador also represents SPS at different innovation/entrepreneurship activities.

Register for Innovation Ambassador

Please fill out the form below to register yourself as a INNOVATION AMBASSADOR, our team will contact you.

1) Explain why are you interested in becoming the Innovation Ambassador for Spinn Labs?
2) What skills, knowledge or perspective would you like to contribute to the Program?
3) Do you have prior experience working with students (motivating, coaching, counseling, coordinating etc)? If yes, please explain.
4) What kind of activities and events would you like to see happening in SPINN LABS?
5) What do you think is the best way to convince maximum people to be part of activities initiated by SPINNLABS?
6) What would you like to get out of your experience as Innovation Ambassador?
7) How many hours you can spend with SPINNLABS initiatives?

Thanks for registring for Innovation Ambassador! We have received your message and would like to thank you for writing to us. we will reply by email shortly. Talk to you soon.

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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.


Q. What is Spinn Labs ?

A place where people from different fields, different backgrounds with different skill sets representing various geo-locations and industries can come together physically or virtually to solve a problem in an innovative fashion. We have a network of mentors who can help you from the initial idea to its final stage.

Q. How can I be a part of the co-working space?

We have a number of different plans for individuals to small-sized teams. These plans are flexible in terms of your working hours and your specific needs. Please contact us at spinnlabs@spsnet.com for further details.

Q. Who are the SPINN ambassadors ?

We have a unique SPINN Students Program at public and private sector universities across Pakistan. Under this program we conduct workshops, hackathons and other events to train students for the latest technologies being used in the industry. Through this program, for each term we choose the brightest & the most all-rounder students to become our ambassadors and to take our message forward. Please contact the Job Placement Officer at your university for further details on this program. Alternatively, you can write to us at spinnlabs@spsnet.com for further details.

Q. I am a freelancer. What facilities are there for me?

We are a co-sharing space as well. This means that we have freelancers working for us which are shared among various teams & projects. As a freelancer, you get the opportunity to work on different ideas with different people - which is not only very exciting but also exposes you to a whole new range of experiences. We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage working mothers, students & freelancers to work with us both at our office or virtually from anywhere in the world.

Q. What are the benefits of working with SPINN Labs ?

SPINN Labs will serve as a hub for innovators and entrepreneurs. As a member of our organization you will:
Join a community of innovators, industry experts, academics and others who are seeking to make Pakistan and the world a better place. Receive mentoring from tech industry experts. Have the opportunity to apply for co-working space and funding. Have the opportunity to participate in tech meet ups and apply for training courses.

SPINN Labs in the picturesque Islamabad

Join SPinn labs

A platform which provides all the necessary tools/frameworks/resources/processes/linkages to the outside world so that individuals or teams can focus on real innovation.Spinn labs is place where people from different fields, different backgrounds with different skill set representing various geo- locations/industries/learning centers can come together physically/virtually to solve a problem in an innovative fashion.

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