Smarter Cities Hackathon

Beginning on 16th February 2017, Software Productivity Strategists will host Pakistan’s 1st Smarter Cities Hackathon. The purpose is to expose participants to innovative technologies that they can utilize to improve governance, business, health, transportation, industry, agriculture and more at the city & provincial level. The winning team must develop an application that runs on the Bluemix cloud platform and utilizes at least one service from the Watson Developer cloud. The top three teams will receive cash prizes and public recognition.

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Participants will

  • Create technology products to improve conditions within their cities and provinces.
  • Get free-of-charge hands on experience on Bluemix (the PaaS offering by IBM) & Watson (the famous cognitive platform by IBM).
  • Interact with professionals currently engaged in digital technology innovation through:
    • Weekly office hours.
    • Scheduled one on one review sessions with subject-matter experts.
  • Be eligible for support & guidance to productize their application.

Hackathon Process

Hackathon activities will occur virtually within Webex. Participants will have 4+ weeks to learn, compete, and cooperate. There will be a focus on participants collaborating and connecting with others via:

  • Message boards (DISQUS) that will allow participants to connect with each other.
  • Office hours and individual sessions to connect with subject-matter experts.


Bluemix Cloud Platform

IBM Watson Platform

Hackathon judges

Note: Judges subject to change without notice

DR Arshad
Director HEC

Paul Lebar
VP Innovation SPS

Sadia Ashraf
Manager Simorgh SPS


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What is this Smarter Cities Hackathon?

The hackathon is an opportunity for people all across Pakistan to compete, collaborate and learn. Participants will build a smarter cities application using innovative technology from IBM. At the end of the four weeks, judges will determine the top applications, and winning team will receive public recognition and cash prizes.

What technological experience I will gain from this?

You will get a hands on experience in creating, deploying & managing applications on Bluemix. Bluemix is based on Cloud Foundry (CF). You will get to work with some very interesting apis using the Watson Developer Cloud. These are related to NLP and Speech/Image Processing. This hackathon will expose you to the wonderful world of creating innovative & disruptive solutions "rapidly" using top notch technology and cognitive APIs. It will push you to your limits but at the end you will make something that you will be proud of – for a long time to come.

What will be the rights on the products that result out of this Hackathon?

All intellectual property created during the hackathon is owned by the developing team. Software Productivity Strategists (SPS) - a US based corporation with regional office in Islamabad, Pakistan - is hosting the hackathon. SPS may offer to assist teams to continue the development of their solution after the hackathon, at which time IP rights may be further negotiated with the full consent of the developing team.

What are the entry requirements?

Anyone across Pakistan may form a team and enter. School/ University students are encouraged to apply. Teams may have one to five members in total, and each team must designate a team lead who will be responsible for communication with the hackathon organizers.

What are the important timelines to follow?

Registration is open until midnight PST on February 15, 2017. The hackathon will officially kick off on February 16, 2017 and judging will occur on March 20, 2017.

Who should I contact in case I have any query?

All queries may be sent to or you may use the contact form to write to us.